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The team approach at Therapy and Learning Centre combines Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy. Highly experienced and qualified therapists work together to identify problem areas for children of all ages. We then develop programs to help each child specifically. The combination of both therapies allows children to excel with their fine and gross motor skills .

A little bit more about our therapists...

A Physiotherapist who works in paediatrics assesses:

  • movement

  • gross motor tasks

  • postural control and core strength

  • motor planning and sequencing

An Occupational Therapist who works in paediatrics assesses:

  • performance of tasks needed for preschool, school & play

  • fine motor skills – drawing, handwriting & cutting

  • self-care tasks – zippers, dressing & shoelaces

  • visual perceptual skills, motor planning & organisational skills

How do physiotherapists and occupational therapists work together?

A combined assessment gives us a more thorough picture of the child as a whole. This allows us to design a more comprehensive program to help each individual child, rather than just addressing a particular skill or problem area. For example, when a child presents with a handwriting difficulty, there are often underlying postural control issues that are impacting their fine motor control. By having a combined assessment, we can screen for all areas of difficulty that may be affecting your child’s function. Treatment addresses each component and this is often provided in the context of play or fun activities to motivate the child.

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